Cabify counts on Torrot’s new Citysurfer to boost employee mobility and help with sustainability in cities

The agreement between the two companies promotes the use of Torrot’s Citysurfer urban bicycle to improve personal mobility for its workers and to favour a healthy lifestyle in cities thanks to the use of zero emission vehicles.

The international company, a provider of private chauffer driven cars, and the manufacturer of electric vehicles have reached an agreement to join forces in promoting the use of the new Citysurfer amongst Cabify employees. They will now be able to use an efficient alternative transport system for short journeys in cities where they offer their services.

Torrot’s new Citysurfer is an efficient, foldable, electric bicycle. These characteristics make it your best friend for urban trips. This is a practical formula, and at the same time both healthy and respectful towards the environment and sustainability of cities. Cabify employees will be able to get around their cities freely and with agility and with zero emissions.

Take a look at this VIDEO and see the advantages of Torrot’s new Citysurfer in the city!

Torrot and Cabify, each in its own sector, share the common aim of improving personal mobility. Cabify is one of the most successful Spanish start-up apps in the personal mobility and services sector. Created in Madrid in 2011 and now with international branches, Cabify aims to connect its passengers with premium vehicles via a mobile app for smartphones. Its cars are driven by chauffeurs carefully chosen after a rigorous selection process. They provide their passengers with a quality service and a safe, rapid mode of transport in the greatest worldwide capitals. This service is currently undergoing expansion with implantation in the main European and South American cities.