Citysurfer Special, a fusion of retro style and the latest technology in the most symbolic urban bike from Torrot

Torrot announces the launch of the most special, exclusive version of its celebrated urban bike: the new Citysurfer Special. The popular Torrot electric bike renews its style with a distinctive retro look combined with the technology and quality of the advanced products from the leading company in urban mobility.

The prestigious brand of advanced electric vehicles rejuvenates its emblematic urban bike, giving it a more modern, fresh and updated image. A successful combination of the current retro style with the most advanced technologies gives rise to the new Torrot Citysurfer Special, the most select version of the popular urban bike from Torrot.

The new Special is structured on the robust, lightweight aluminium alloy single spar frame shared by all the models of the Citysurfer family from the Torrot brand. Although this time, with a frame painted exclusively in matt black for this model, a colour that contrasts with the brown and ochre tones used in the long list of new features incorporated in this special edition. These features include the new handlebars, the old school pedals or the elegant seat being used for the first time, with padding and suspension on the seat post, and also the 20 inch custom tires specifically for urban use.


An original transformation that gives this new Citysurfer model a personality of its own without detracting from the elements that have made this practical folding bike one of the most popular electric models in the great cities around the world. The use of technology at the service of personal mobility in a special edition that will allow its users to surf freely through the city, on the coast and even in more rural environments, thanks to the assisted pedalling with its brushless 250W motor. Help which is controlled with a practical LCD display equipped with five levels of assistance located on the handlebar, plus a twist-grip 7 speed Shimano TX55 changer, so you can climb any hill and the toughest slopes without even breaking into a sweat, with a maximum assisted speed of 25 km / h.

The new Citysurfer Special is designed so you can enjoy the city without complications, in a practical, fun and healthy way, and taking into account such a vital aspect as rider safety. A section where Torrot spares no effort and takes advantage of the efficiency of the Tekro disc braking system (front and rear), the sturdy RTS Monoshock damped forks and a complete lighting system, with led light and a red rear laser to ensure the safety of the cyclist when immersed in traffic at night, or with low visibility due to weather conditions such as rain or fog for which this new model of Citysurfer also has practical fenders to avoid splashing water and mud from the road.


A functional, folding bike that, thanks to its 21 kilograms and the possibility of being carried by riders on public transport, will become the best ally for lovers of the multiple advantages offered by electric mobility, the sustainability of cities and the respect for the environment when commuting and for moments of leisure.

Like the full range of Torrot vehicles, the new Citysurfer Special batteries can be recharged where, how and when you want, in just five hours, as they all come with a handy charger which only needs a simple wall outlet. Finally, the supply of Torrot products is completed for this model with the possibility of personalizing and adapting each Citysurfer to the taste of each client with optional accessories such as the luggage rack (with capacity for 12-22 kg) and the rear child carrier, in addition to the extra batteries and chargers.