Eddy company trusts in the Torrot Muvi to start its motosharing project in Düsseldorf

A total of 100 Torrot Muvi will begin to circulate in the streets of Düsseldorf with our current client, Emmy, who has decided to expand its business model, currently present in Berlin and Hamburg.

Motosharing companies are one of Torrot's main customers, as demonstrated by the successful implementation of Muving in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Sevilla and Cádiz. Almost two hundred Torrot Muvi already circulate in these Spanish cities making easy the everyday life of thousands of people.

But the motorcycle rental per minute with Torrot Muvi is not only operating in Spain. Germany is one of the countries that has bet the strongest by this system and to the cities of Berlin and Hamburg, we have to add the city of Düsseldorf. In this German city about one hundred Muvi will be put into circulation, by Eddy company (of the same group as Emmy, which already operates in Berlin and Hamburg).

Step by step motosharing has become one of the most comfortable, economic and sustainable ways to move around the cities, and thanks to its features and its removable and easily rechargeable batteries the Torrot Muvi has become the perfect bike for this type of services.