Introducing Torrot HomeTECH 4.0

February 14 is the date in Torrot we have chosen for the presentation of HomeTECH, our new connected 4.0 industry center where in the coming months we will develop our Velocipedo, 100% electric vehicle in its Cargo and 2 Seats version.

This new center, which will complement our production plant in Girona (Spain), is located in the Zona Franca de Cádiz (Spain) and will have 5,000 square meters of industrial use and 2,000 for offices. HomeTECH has been conceived as a multifunctional and technologically leading space since it will combine robotic and semirobotized chains for the assembly of vehicles.
Iván Contreras, CEO of the company, recalled that Torrot was a pioneer in betting on a new model of mobility that has been successful: sustainable interconnected mobility. Thus, efficiency, respect for the environment, technology and electric mobility have been some of the keys to success for Torrot to lead its sector in Spain since 2017.
The event was presented and conducted by Rafael Contreras, president of Torrot and included the participation of Ramón Betolaza, founding partner of Black Toro Capital and financial partner of Torrot as well as having strong institutional support with the assistance of Elías Bendodo, Board Member of Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Rogelio Velasco, Titular of Economy, José María González, Mayor of Cádiz and Delegate of the Free Trade Zone in Cádiz, Victoria Rodríguez, among others.
From Torrot we are very proud and at the same time very grateful for the support received from all public and business institutions in this new project.