Muvi sharing on the streets of Brussels

The new Torrot Muvi is to be the new vehicle used by Scooty users to get around the streets of Brussels thanks to this sharing service. The recent agreement between the Belgian company and the European electric vehicle manufacturer means that from this October you can explore the streets of the Belgian capital on Torrot’s new friendly scooter. This is the ideal intelligent, interconnected vehicle for what is needed in smart cities in Europe and the rest of the world.

With an initial fleet of 25 units, which will gradually increase over the next two years, the new Muvi Sharing service in Brussels is an answer to the current search for solutions by public institutions and companies to improve mobility in urban surroundings while taking into account respect for the environment. Some of the most important cities in the world have taken a step forward in this sense to implement advanced mobility and efficiency measures through technology and interconnection, improving quality of life for citizens and their environment.

This is the natural habitat for the new Torrot Muvi thanks to its energy efficiency, interconnectivity and now its positive impact on the pocket thanks to this new electric vehicle sharing initiative. This service is becoming more and more usual with an ever greater presence in European smart cities.

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