Registration of electric motorcycles grows 66% in first five months of 2017 in Spain

Favourable data for registrations of electric motorcycles and mopeds in Spain in May. The World Environment Day was held this week coinciding with the favourable data from ANESDOR. Sales of electric two-wheeled vehicles have increased by 66% in the first five months of 2017.

This growth is confirmed by the good rhythm of sales of the new Torrot MUVI and just goes to highlight the trend in growth in the electric sector, which in one year a total of 1,099 motorcycles and mopeds have been registered. Taking this into account, the historic milestone established by Torrot should not be forgotten. This April Torrot was sales leader for electric motorcycles in Spain and once again for another month, in May, it is at the top of the list of electric motorcycle registrations thanks to the success of the sales of its new urban model, the MUVI.

The electric scooter is still making its presence felt in the internal market thanks to sales channels in large companies and the increasing proliferation of motorcycle rental companies such as Muving. The new Spanish start-up offers its sharing service in capitals like Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Cadiz. This is the very first company to offer this original service as a solution to personal urban mobility.

The individual private channel continues to be rather less buoyant with a growth of 33% over the same period as last year.

The WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY has been held on 5th June since 1974. The United Nations, being aware that the protection of the planet is a fundamental question for the people of the world and for economic development, decided to make this date a reminder to us.