The new electric trial bike to enjoy in sync with nature

Gas Gas announces the launch of the much awaited for Torrot MOVAK, the first electric trial bike that the brand from Girona is to manufacture in series. A new model made in accordance to the philosophy of trial-excursion with electric motor and automatic clutch, which thanks to its comfortable seat, will offer the maximum fun to its users in outings to enjoy trial and the mountains during the weekend.

After the resounding success of achieved by Marc Colomer in the first edition of the FIM TrialE Cup, there were many followers and trial fans who hoped Torrot would mark its great role in the World Championship by manufacturing a new model. A new electric bike to enjoy trial in full harmony with the environment, in silence and with zero emissions. Well, that moment has arrived... Torrot is proud to announce the launch of the new MOVAK!

This new Torrot MOVAK shares the trial-excursion philosophy of the Gas Gas Trial Contact range, although with the significant incorporation of a new electric motor and automatic clutch that make it unique in its universe. Two new features that will allow trial enthusiasts to enjoy maximum comfort and fun with this amazing new electric model from Torrot, without a doubt the quietest trial-excursion motorcycle ever made. The first electric trial bike mass produced by the brand from Girona.

The new Torrot family member in the trial range has an efficient automatic electric motor mounted on the popular chrome-molybdenum tubular chassis already used in several of the brand's models. Together with this comes the aluminum swingarm with progressive linkage system and a complete suspension system adjustable in preload, composed of a Tech front fork with aluminum stanchions (39 mm diameter and 180 mm travel) and a Reiger rear two-way shock absorber (164 mm travel).

The Braketech brake system and the Michelin Trial tires complete the balance in this practical and versatile Torrot electric bike. An innovative model for users who want to enjoy their excursions, making the most of the weekend.

Torrot is scheduled to manufacture a limited series of units of this new electric trial model which will be available from next January at the brand's official dealers.