The new Muvi ahead of the implementation of the new European electric vehicle sector regulations

The Torrot Muvi is ahead of the implementation of the new European regulations and improves on standard 168/2013. The new friendly scooter from Torrot Group reconfirms the characteristics of a vehicle which strictly complies with all the European manufacturing and quality controls.

The launch of the new Torrot Muvi is now entering the final stages. The new concept of a technologically advanced scooter manufactured by Torrot Group in Spain is ahead of the strict European regulations governing electrical vehicles and actually improves on the standard 168/2013.

Obligatory compliance with the new European regulations from 1st January 2017 will put some order into the ever growing electrical vehicle sector. At the same time it will reinforce consumer confidence in products, such as the new Torrot Muvi, which comply with the strict EU regulations regarding the sale and registration of electrical vehicles.

The new Torrot Muvi has double compliance for the L1e and L3e categories, the electrical equivalent to mopeds and 125 cc motorbikes regarding the licence category needed for riding on roads in European roads such as in Spain. As well as complying with all the sections of the aforementioned regulations, including:

  • Combined Brake System on both discs.
  • On Board Diagnostics for the detection of any anomaly in the operation of the scooter.
  • Range test in accordance to the standard cycle WMTC Stage II (Class III) and CEPE R47 for the homologation and L1e, ensuring a minimum range of 71 kilometres for regulation L3e and 78 kilometres for regulation L1e.
  • Electrical power test of the ECE 85 motor at maximum output for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Anti-tampering measures to protect the software and swapping of parts as well as tuning, theft or illegal sale.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility not causing interference or external effects.

A new concept of technologically advanced scooter, smart and efficient, developed and manufactured by Torrot Group in Europe, interconnected with its environment, answering the needs of urban mobility today.