The RACC visits the modern, renovated Torrot installations in Salt

Torrot welcomes the cordial visit by Josep Mateu, President of the RACC, and the top management of the biggest automobile club in Spain to the modern installations in Salt (Girona). This visit just goes to show the great relationship between both, united in the promotion and the study of the use of electric vehicles to improve mobility in large cities.

The framework of the agreement for collaboration in the promotion of the electric vehicle and improvement in urban mobility signed last February between the RACC and TORROT, the manufacturer of electric vehicles and technological projects for interconnected personal mobility received a visit at their installations of the top managers of the biggest automobile club in Spain. The RACC has over a million members and are specialists in providing assistance for both individuals and families.

A visit to the renovated and right up-to-date Torrot and Gas Gas factory in Girona, where the visiting group from the RACC made up of Josep Mateu –President of the RACC-, Xavi Pérez -General Director - and Antoni Gil -Director Corporative Communication and International Relations – had the pleasure of discovering the manufacturing details of the new Torrot MUVI, the most advanced electric scooter in its sector, ably shown by Iván Contreras -CEO and Re-Founder of Torrot, Néstor Amela - General Director – and Joan Rodríguez -Director of Marketing.

A new Torrot MUVI which, since the beginning of this year, has brought both companies together in the realisation of a highly detailed study on electric transport in the urban environment. The aim is to improve mobility and sustainability in large cities in the immediate future.