Torrot always supporting innovation and creativity

Torrot has been present at the "Summer school on management of creativity in an innovation society", a cycle of activities and conferences that has developed between Montreal and Barcelona with the aim of exchanging ideas, applying creativity to companies and creating synergies between companies and professionals.

The management of creativity, innovation and awareness for sustainability are three of the values ??identifiable in the philosophy of Torrot. Three values ??that have been present in the fifteen days of the international program organized between the University of Montreal and the University of Barcelona.

The union between the city of Montreal and Barcelona is evident, not only because it shares similar cultural scenes, but also because they are referring to culture and art in cosmopolitan and multicultural cities.


Torrot's participation in the "Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society" has not only been limited to attending these conferences. Torrot has challenged the program's attendees with the aim of improving interconnected personal mobility. Working in groups and sharing ideas and proposals, the participants continue with the project to find a feasible solution, but at the same time creative and innovative, with our range of sustainable vehicles. The challenge of Torrot ends with the presentation of the proposal and the rest of participants to assess among all the viability of each project.

These two weeks of learning in the management of creativity in a sustainable ecosystem has served to unite companies and professionals from different sectors, as well as to learn how to apply creativity in companies and in this way to provide new solutions to the professional and social challenges.