Torrot and the RACC automobile club sign an agreement for the promotion of electric mobility

The electric vehicle manufacturer and the largest automobile club in Spain have signed an agreement to co-operate in the promotion of the use of electric vehicles. This alliance will bring about a detailed study into electric vehicle traffic flow in an urban environment. It is here that the Muvi will be tasked with the compilation of data. This will become an open door for future shared actions and initiatives between the two companies that enjoy multiple synergies in terms of sustainable mobility.

Torrot and the RACC have strengthened their bonds of co-operation in favour of the use of electric vehicles and an improvement in urban mobility. The electric vehicle manufacturer, a leader in technological projects involving personal mobility and interconnectivity together with the largest automobile club in Spain, with over a million members, specialists in assistance to both individuals and families have reached an agreement promoting electric mobility.

The synergies between both companies in common areas such as the promotion of electric vehicles or studies on improvements in urban mobility have come to fruition in this agreement for the promotion of electric mobility and the use of this type of electric vehicle which are both efficient and respectful to the environment and so favour the sustainability of cities.

This agreement, as well as promoting the use of these vehicles driven by clean energy, includes the making of a detailed study on electric urban mobility. On the one hand, thanks to the RACC for sharing its know-how and experience in the area of research into sustainable mobility, and on the other, thanks to the cession by Torrot, of a MUVI, a technologically advanced scooter that will help to compile the data and information needed to evaluate the various traffic flow parameters in an urban environment.

The excellent understanding shown between RACC and Torrot after the recent signing of this agreement has opened the doors to projects and actions to be shared between both organisations in the future.