Torrot electrifies the Barcelona MOTOh! show

Torrot brings the latest innovations to its interconnected electric scooter, the Muvi, to the show. This bike has new versions making it easily adaptable to the needs of fleets and sharing. As well as the latest product innovations, younger riders were able to have fun on the children’s circuit with the large range of Kids electric bikes. The hometown show for the Catalan company has become the starter’s pistol shot for the ‘School of Champions’, a new training project aimed at transmitting a passion for enduro and trial to our youngest riders.

Torrot has exhibited the latest innovations in electrical mobility at ‘Motoh! Barcelona’. This show was visited by over 30,000 people who enjoyed the latest offerings from the bike world. And they especially appreciated the wide range of electric vehicles from Torrot, who, taking into account a more family orientated public, also organised the Kids circuit for the very youngest riders.


The new Torrot Muvi was the star of the show in the electric vehicle segment of ‘Motoh! Barcelona’. Torrot took advantage of its faithful following in the Catalan capital to make an international presentation of new versions adapted to fleets and sharing services.

The special features and the capacity of adaptation of the new Torrot Muvi means this scooter can be transformed to satisfy the needs of transport companies and such diverse services as: delivery, security forces or health transport, amongst many others. The new Muvi has the heart of a chameleon and demonstrates once again how it can adapt to the new sharing services which now and ever increasingly are proliferating in the major European capitals. This new vehicle sharing service is set to revolutionise personal mobility in cities in a social manner with zero emissions and so help with sustainability in large urban conurbations.


Joining Torrot’s urban vehicles is the Kids range, and it is for this reason, at ‘Motoh! Barcelona’, the youngest members of our household were able to have a great time imitating their biking heroes while riding our electric bikes on the specially designed Kids circuit.

A range of Kids trial, enduro and supermotard bikes that thanks to the Parental Control application, makes it possible for mums and dads to supervise their children’s safety from a distance, remotely limiting the power and even stopping the bike.


The show ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ has also become a launch pad and presentation point for the new “School of Champions”. This is Torrot’s new training project, committed to the initiation and promotion of motorcycle sport, with the creation of a school where the passion and values of the world of two wheels will be transmitted to our young riders. Training will be through tuition together with clubs, importers and their respective federations. This is a new project, just hatched, where the aim is to train promising young trial and enduro riders with a healthy future in official teams.

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