Torrot leads sales in January in the Spanish two-wheeled electric sector

The new Torrot Muvi electric bikes boost sales for the manufacturer of urban electric vehicles in the month of January in Spain. The Muvi City heads sales within the electric sector of the two wheeled category and has become the clear leader amongst environmentally friendly urban motorcycles.


  • The new Torrot Muvi leads the list of sales of electric vehicles in January in Spain, with sales of 56 units.
  • Within the two-wheeled sector, it is the sale of electric motorcycles that has had the greatest growth with an increase of 352,94% in January thanks to the great success of sales of the new Torrot Muvi
  • The electric car and motorcycle sector is still growing with 21% more sales when compared to the same time period as last year.

Throughout the month of January a total of 268 electric vehicle units have been put on the road. This represents an increase of 21% when compared to last year and is a clear indicator of the steady increase in sales in the electric vehicle sector on a national level. All this despite an absence of any official grants from the administration to encourage the use of environmentally sound vehicles.

Looking at the categories, the two-wheeled sector, above all that of motorcycles, has achieved a spectacular increase in sales throughout the first month of the year. During this period sales have almost quadrupled in this sector. This is an important increase and sales figures directly point towards Torrot and the great sales success of the new model of its urban scooter the Muvi being the principal cause of this.

Since the market launch of the new Muvi in the final quarter of last year sales figures for Torrot’s interconnected urban scooter have not stopped growing. It has become the first choice for those people in search of the practicality offered by electric urban transport.

Sales forecasts for Torrot for this financial year are even more favourable after the incorporation of the new Muvi Delivery to its wide range of scooters. This new version is adaptable and customisable so as to satisfy the needs of all companies and above all taking care of the “transport for the last mile”. This bike is economical, clean and respectful of the industrial and urban environment.

Source of data: AEDIVE (Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles)