Torrot responds to Andorra's desire to become a national leader electric mobility

Iván Contreras, Torrot’s founder and CEO, together with Motorand SLU, has presented Torrot’s new range of electric bicycles and bikes to the Andorran institutions and business associations. The impulse given by the “Pla Engega 2017”, a Government promotional initiative, clearly demonstrates Andorra’s commitment to the use of electric vehicles and its desire to become a leading nation with regard to sustainable mobility.TORROT RESPONDS TO ANDORRA’S DESIRE TO BECOME A NATIONAL LEADER IN ELECTRIC MOBILITY

Torrot has presented its range of electric vehicles through Motorand, the official, exclusive dealer in Andorra for the products manufactured by the company from Girona. With the initiation of the “Pla Engega 2017”, Andorra has clearly shown its aim of becoming one of the leading nations in mobility and sustainability through the use of the electric vehicle.

“We have realised that in the principle European countries a very powerful initiative is gaining momentum, that of “sharing” electric vehicles. This is a new service that Torrot is already providing in various capital cities. “Sharing” is a service that allows the use of an electric vehicle without having to buy one. In our case this is achieved thanks to a simple, practical application allowing users to ride our Torrot Muvis. When they finish their journey, they leave the Muvi correctly parked and only have to pay for the time they have used it.” explained Iván Contreras, Torrot’s founder and CEO.

The arrival of this type of transport to Andorra will not only make individual mobility easier thanks to the use of electric bicycles like the CitySurfer, but also the arrival of sharing platforms such as those already provided by Torrot in other countries with a very similar geography to Andorra, for example Switzerland. These platforms give the rider the opportunity to use the vehicle when they need it and only pay for the time used.

Additionally, companies needing a fleet of vehicles for deliveries or for security forces, also have a new model available. The Muvi Delivery is the best sustainable and ecological solution to their transport needs.

Andorra, an ideal country for electric mobility

Andorra, due to its geographical and sociological characteristics, is a country that perfectly fulfils conditions for the use of the electric vehicle. This is because half of daily trips made with light vehicles in Andorra are less then 5 kilometres and 90% of trips are less than 15 kilometres. If we add these reasons to the fact that the country is in an unbeatable natural enclave that deserves to be respected and conserved, then the commitment to electric mobility has to be the best way to maintain the sustainability of the country.

It is for these reasons that Torrot, leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and interconnected personal mobility, arrives in Andorra hand in hand with Motorand –exclusive dealer of Torrot’s products in the country- with the aim of promoting the use of electric vehicles. A range of high quality electric bicycles and scooters such as the Muvi City and Executive –interconnected electric bikes with a range of 100Km and with removable batteries which can be charged from any socket- and also the new CitySurfer –an electric, urban folding bicycle that makes it easy for us to reach all the corners of the city-. Also, the Kids range of electric bikes, for youngsters just starting out in the two-wheeled world.

All out products can be found at Motorand SLU, exclusive importer of Torrot products to Andorra, situated in Avenida Meritxell 93 (in front of the Andorra Leclerq Hiper)