TORROTGROUP makes our roads a safer place

Sensefields (TorrotGroup), has been awarded the contract for the supply and fitting of traffic sensing devices on two-road intersections identified by the Spanish Home Office and Department of Traffic as being accident black spots

The system detects vehicles travelling on secondary roads with wireless magnetic sensors. The sensors send a signal to a hub where the information is processed locally. The hub then activates signs installed on the main road warning drivers of the presence of vehicles on the intersection so that they take even more care and stick to the speed limit.

This particular project represents an important milestone given the importance of the institutions awarding the contract. It is an important addition to the line of work we have been developing in smart traffic management.

Over the last few years we have been applying our knowledge and technology to smart projects on roads and motorways for the largest construction companies in Spain; in the urban environments such as Barcelona, both with public institutions as well as international companies. On an international level we have a large presence on the Iberoamerican market in countries such as Chile, Colombia and Mexico. We are also working on entering the Middle Eastern and Asian markets. This international expansion is completed with the introduction of our expertise in the United States where Torrot already has a presence and commercial work is already under way to raise awareness of our high end technology.